January 31, 2014

Brad Paisley Needs French Lessons

(C) Nancy Sharoff - all rights reserved, 2014

For the last few weeks I've been catching a tune on the country channel I listen to on the way back & forth to work. With my mind on automaticity (Yup! It's a word) I never fully processed the content, I just 'felt' that something was not quite right with the world (or in this case, the song).

On the drive home yesterday I did catch the phrase 'Mona Lisa' and immediately honed in on the lyrics. Yes, Brad Paisley (no, I will not hyperlink his name to his Twitter handle or his Facebook page or his website, deal with it) was crooning about the Mona Lisa, and yes the lyrics did go on about something to do with 'French' (though the words indicate that there was something more going on there than having to do with the country or its people), but then...WAIT FOR IT!!! -- he starts counting in SPANISH! Huh?!?!

Mr. Paisley (no, we're not yet on a first name basis) PLEASE have someone proof the lyrics before you record. What are we to expect next?

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